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The competence of our specialists lets us deeply and professionally take part in the realization of new ideas, formation of companies and development.


Good knowledge of management and its implementation in the processes of business development gives our partners an opportunity to develop their companies in the most fortunate and most profitable way possible.

Our clients are companies that are oriented towards growth, introducing new business oportunities and sales in international markets.

Our knowledge and experience provides the client with meaningful and growth oriented results of development.

Business development and marketing expert Kintija Barloti
Kintija Barloti


Mrs. Kintija Barloti is a business development expert and entrepreneur with more than 15 years’ experience in international business management, development of new brands in several countries, such as Baltic States, Russia, the Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Georgia and innovative product development.

Mrs Barloti has worked with such brands as Tylenol, ratiopharm GmbH, Mildronate and RIGVIR. In addition to that, as Business Development Director she has supervised and lead one of the Latvia’s original products ‘Mildronate’ growth and progress, as well as developed the brand from sales of a few hundred units to several tens of millions in turnover. She has acquired leadership experience in several business sectors, such as pharmaceuticals, hotel and tourism and aviation business environment in SIA “Baltic Helicopters”. On top of that, Mrs Barloti has launched and managed the creation and work of the first Global Virotherpy Cancer Clinic.

Based on her significant experience in leading positions in health sector, she gives business advice in creating, managing and attracting international customers to new medical brands and clinics.

The company’s mission is to develop new innovative products and launch new medical business startups.


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