Business development

•  Generation, development and management of new business ideas​

•  Creation and introduction to market of strong and competitive brands

•  Enterprise foundation

•  Development of business project

•  Team member selection and leadership

•  Finding and customizing the right real estate for the client

Administrative support


•  Daily work support

•  Accounting services

•  Document management

•  Administrative support solutions

•  Support fot legal entities

•  Registration of medicine and nutritional supplements

Management and staff training

•  Company mission and vision development

•  Education and motivation of staff

•  Development and realisation of motivation campaign

•  Development and realisation of crisis management

Marketing and sales


•  Marketing strategy development and realisation

•  Client relationship management, adressing customer

•  Management of VIP clients

•  Planning, development and realisation on tactical marketing projects

•  Sales boosting and support for public relations

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